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General Admission

Adult Ticket Ages 18+
Teen Ticket Ages 13-17
Child Ticket Ages 6-12 (Adult Supervision Required)

Join us for an adventure in the trees!

Texas TreeVentures is an aerial adventure course home to a series of physical and mental challenges as well as thrill-based elements. The three level course tests your skills in a fun and encouraging environment with nearly 100 elements! Texas TreeVentures is the perfect place to take friends and family for a day of excitement!

Participant Safety Orientation takes approximately 30-45 minutes beginning at the start of the reserved time and is mandatory for every participant regardless of experience on the course. The time is included in the three (3) hour reservation time and the remaining time is the participant’s for climbing on the course. The course is designed to be ” challenge by choice”, meaning every participant is able to experience the course at their own pace and choose elements within their comfort level.

Participant Requirements:

  • Age: Minimum of 6 years old.
  • Reach: Participants must have a minimum vertical reach of 70 inches while standing flat-footed to climb independently.
  • Weight: Minimum 44lbs; Maximum 275lbs.¬†All¬†participants are weighed prior to entering the course.
  • All participants must sign liability waiver before entering the course.
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Must be wearing closed-toe, closed-heel shoes. Slip-on shoes are not permitted.
  • No phones or personal items are allowed on the course.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and secured.
  • Must fit appropriately into provided harness and helmet.

Course Rules:

  • Connect only to marked cables
  • Connect both lanyards to the belay cable or anchor ring before proceeding onto an element
  • Ensure both lanyard claws are facing the same direction
  • Do not twist or bend lanyards
  • Never wrap ropes or lanyards around any part of your body
  • Hold lanyards together, not apart
  • Do not climb vertically on an element
  • Do not intentionally flip upside down in harness
  • Do not run or jump on elements
  • No more than 3 people per platform
  • No more than 1 person per element*
  • No more than 2 people per stair case

*Additional guidelines apply for Child (Age 6 – 12) Participants.

As safety is a top priority, failure to comply with rules or improper use of equipment may result in expulsion from the course and forfeit of the remaining time without compensation.

Youth Supervision Requirements:


  • To traverse the course independently, participants must have a minimum reach of 70″ while standing flat-footed, regardless of age. Participants that do not meet those height requirements will require an Adult Monitor to make transfers.
  • All Adult Monitors must purchase a ticket.
  • Adult Monitors must stay within one (1) element of youth participant.
  • Youth Supervision Requirements apply to daycares and birthday parties as well. Texas TreeVentures staff will not be responsible for directly supervising children on the course.